Aimee Reau

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is a writer, blogger, activist, truth seeker, aspiring mystic, and tree hugger. Raised near Detroit, she lives with the city’s strong root-for-the-underdog/ fighter mindset. An eclectic academic background, Reau earned a B.S. in English with a concentration in Poetry and Religion and an MFA in Literary Nonfiction. She has a wide array of life experiences, including DJing as Xis10shAL (Existential),The Geology Club, skateboarding, and teaching for 10 summers at a school for migrant children.

At 28 years old, Reau says her most transformational experience thus far has been living with retired Catholic nuns when she was 23. At the convent where she lived for 10 months (the equivalent of a school year), her roommates’ ages ranged from 70-100. The radical, strong, wise, and loving Sisters of Mercy housed and fed her as she worked on a memoir about wrestling spirituality while living with major clinical depression.

Reau abandoned work on her book project after realizing her time with the sisters had changed her too significantly to translate into words. The fact that an experience could be bigger than language was both a crushing and liberating idea for someone who had drawn her entire identity on words and a power to manipulate them.

After waking up to a world that exists beyond our five senses, Reau’s personal and professional goals shifted. No longer driven by the once desperate need to prove her work’s literary merit, she turned her attention toward writing as a tool for radical social change. Infinity Trees is her effort to have both accessible art and thoughtful social, spiritual, and political commentaries in one location.