Infinity Trees is my response to the collective despair of our time. While there has always been violence, greed, and natural disasters, the magnitude of today’s tragedies paralyze many of us with grief, weighing on our heads and hearts. There are millions of us bogged down by the bullshit and lies we see in the media. Celebrity obsessions distract the masses while the government auctions away rights to public lands for more destruction. 

–And it worked. It still does, but people are waking up. We’re sick of the media spending a disproportionate amount of time and focus on marketing fear.

As an activist, I sometimes feel demoralized . There are so many pressing issues, and they’re all interconnected. Where do we begin? And where can we find hope? I believe hope lies in a spiritual revolution, a shift in consciousness that allows us to better understand what it means to be human on this planet together.

 In my blog and artwork, I address pointed issues that are bound to disturb and/or invite criticism. I  welcome respectful and thoughtful disagreements. The internet lends us a unique space to come together and talk about challenging truths, uncertainty, vulnerability, and fear. It’s time to unite, because community is tragedy’s remedy. Here at infinitytrees.org you’ll find a place where all open-hearted truth-seekers are welcome.