Democracy Spring

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Democracy Spring is giving me great hope. A huge demonstration of civil disobedience is going on in D.C. right now. If you haven’t heard about it, here are a few explanations and news stories I found most helpful: Yes Magazinert.comDemocracy Now.

The lack of media coverage has me concerned. I can’t decide what’s worse, incorrect media coverage or none at all. At least with incorrect coverage, a few of the critical thinkers might do their own research. And  yes, I’ll be the first to say my perspective is biased. Please feel free to read an oppositional opinion. Here’s one at Glenn Beck’s site that I read in its entirety.

I can’t help but wonder how it’s 2016, and we’re still calling people communists as a way to demonize them. I understand it has to do with having a base in Marxism, but it’s not all so simple. And for the record, Thomas Merton was influenced by Marxism, so let’s not trivialize such big ideas into infantile good vs. evil playground battles.

If you feel like an ally to my cause (meaning you disagree with the opinion piece about communists), let me challenge you too. I can already hear some of my liberal friends dismissing it because the opinion piece was on Glenn Beck’s site. It makes sense that Beck—and people who live and think like him—are afraid of societal changes when they benefit from the current status quo. But let’s not stoop to immaturity and make Beck seem like the one-dimensional character he once was. He’s demonstrated a bit of growth. For instance, I love his admiration for Prince Ea. I also saw him speak against Trump in an authoritative and accurate way on the news. I’m thankful for those sides of him.

Despite my not wanting to dismiss Glenn Beck, I think to support the idea that Democracy Spring is a bunch of communists is ludicrous. If you want to look at who’s financing the movement, good for you! Question everything. Just be sure to also look at who’s financing our everyday media and why. Refuse to settle for oversimplified agendas.

The more I learn about the media, the less I trust it. I’m not here to tell you what to think. I’m here, begging you to think independently from corrupt news organizations and overpaid “experts.” At the end of the day, my litmus test for truth is who and how many people are benefiting from this idea? If there are people benefitting, then just how much? If there aren’t people benefiting, then why might this have been shared or made up?

I wish this wouldn’t have turned into such a soapbox preaching session. I don’t think I’m above any of this. I’m caught in the same systemic issues. Still, I find myself more and more frustrated about the number of people being manipulated by fear and leaders who pretend to have our best interest in mind. I’m an idealist, who probably sounds like a pessimist when I say don’t trust people to think for you. But seriously.


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