50 Favorite Things

When I get bogged down by meaningless daily stressors, I make a list of my favorite things.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things

  1. Music
  2. Rivers
  3. Climbing trees
  4. Walking barefoot in soft, muddy grass
  5. Mountains
  6. Learning
  7. Cruising down slight inclines on my skateboard or longboard
  8. Tea
  9. Good conversation
  10. Yoga
  11. Coloring
  12. Painting
  13. Poetry
  14. Sunrises
  15. Sunsets
  16. Starry skies
  17. Summer nights
  18. Hugs
  19. When my cat lays on my chest and purrs
  20. Reading
  21. The brief moments when writing is going well, and I completely lose myself in the words and ideas
  22. Seeing deer
  23. Seeing wild dolphins
  24. The smell of spring and fall
  25. Bonfires
  26. Rollerblading
  27. Solitary walks
  28. Walks with friends
  29. Sparkles/Glitter
  30. Traveling
  31. Wandering in the woods
  32. Waterfalls
  33. The sound of water
  34. Robins
  35. T-shirts with fun or meaningful sayings on them
  36. Fountains
  37. Butterflies
  38. Flowers
  39. Camping
  40. Hiking
  41. Snowflakes in streetlights
  42. Cards or letters from loved ones
  43. Getting packages in the mail
  44. Libraries
  45. The first day each spring when it is warm enough to be coatless
  46. Notebooks
  47. Chocolate chip cookies
  48. Pizza
  49. Sipping microbrews
  50. Reading other lists of favorite things

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