Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix)

Jam of the Week

This one’s a pop hit from the DJ/Producer/Musician Robin Schulz. It comes from his 2014 album Prayer. The song title “Prayer in C”  is what gives this rather motonous tune some depth.

When I first looked up the lyrics, they said the first word of the song is “Yah.” I took this as being equivalent to Yeah. With a bit of research, I discovered the first word is actually “Jah,” which comes from Yahweh.

While some criticize the idea that one could be so angry or disbelieving in a deity they still bother talking to, I personally think it adds complexity . The prophets fought with God. The people of faith (many different faiths) that I most admire all believe in keeping it real with their deity. (Yes, I just used “keeping it real” and “deity” in the same sentence). They believe in a power bigger than human, one that’s capable of carrying the weight of heavy emotions too big for us. The idea that someone can be irreverent and angry toward a god seems rather tough for the many who can’t think in nuance.

I love this song, because its basic music structure appeals to a crowd of folks that might not otherwise think about paradoxical ideas. Plus,the beat makes me want to dance, which lightens up such despairing lyrics. The video is fun too, and it only validates my thoughts on the song.


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